Latest BrightSign Software: 1.1.28. not working with demo

Today I receive my new (3) BrightSign HD600, I buy 3 CompactFlash PNY Technologies model P-CF4G-266W-RF3 2GB, and I found out that all units needs to be updated, I found the new version 1.1.28, I download, unzip, copy to the Compaq flash (factory format FAT) put de Memory into the unit, turn on, update successful, turn off, remove the memory, turn on the unit, Grate, Roku ver. 1.1.28 so far so good, download demo scrip, copy to the memory, turn off the unit, install the memory, turn on unit, Roku ver. 1.1.28, then nothing, format memory FAT32, (1 hours windows vista business)…. Then copy demo … follow all steps….. Roku ver. 1.1.28, format again in other computer (Windows XP Pro) fast format (10 minutes) copy demo, run again BrightSign… nothing, …complete format (1 hrs. later) copy again demo … nothing May be the memory card it’s not working… other memory card the same brand and model long story short story the same, happily another unit(2 more), not the last version, when turn on display only Roku, I didn´t upgrade the unit, demo working… what’s going on heeelp.
1. The demo needs to do something in order to work on the new upgrade 1.1.28?
2. How do I make my unit work again
Know I will start to build a new presentation of my own to see what happen wish me luck,

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    Did you also download the updated autoplayscript?

    The brightsign demo comes with version 1.04 of the autorun.bas. There's an updated version posted on the website, version 1.1.7.
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