Read this if you are having problems with looping video....

Listen, I am not any smarter than anyone here, I just wasted a good 3 hours of my life figuring this out and thought maybe someone else could benefit from my errors: Just for the record, I am using Vegas Studio fo all of my video editing...

If you are experiencing a good amount of "lag" time between video loops be sure to check that the end of your sound file matches EXACTLY to the end of your video/movie/slideshow, what ever it is that you wish to loop. Otherwise, the lag you experience may simply be the soundfile playing out and nothing more. I only figured this out when I actually hooked my 600 up to the stereo and still heard the music while waiting for the repeat.

Also, autorun.bas clearly defines that if you are only running 1 looping video, by naming it autoplay.vob it will loop forever. It will change the file type and make it unplayable by your computer, but you can always change the extension back to view or make changes.

Sorry for the super long topic, I really hope this helps anyone.

Cosmo L Recuparo
Owner- Visual Aspect Advertising


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    either autoplay.mpg or autoplay.vob works. So, for you .mpg files, just change the name to autplay if you only need to loop the one video.
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    Cosmo, thanks for posting your experiences here.  I, for one, am considering a Looper for our church and monitor the messages here to see what people are finding out abou the various products.  Thanks again!
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