Video Time Code Events: Missing comment field!

We are about to do a programming of up to 120 LED stripes on 32 PWM channels, driven by several HMS 8-Out-SER board, connected to a 5Vserial port of a BS 1010. We are going to do the programming through BrightAuthor, using "Video Time Code Events". There will be more than 150 scenes to trigger in 1 minute of video... Our problem: Keeping control on the programming is very hard, because there is no way of adding a comment to the commands. So, please, dear BS developers: Please add a possibility to add comments to the BrightAuthor!! This will help to save time during debugging.. <!-- s:arrow: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_arrow.gif" alt=":arrow:" title="Arrow" /><!-- s:arrow: --> For example: Timeout Command Parameters CommentField Thanks & Greez from Switzerland


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