Blackscreen when jumping into video

we recognized the following problems when jumping from a Bitmap to a video (and vice versa), or from video to video:

1. There is always a black screen between the jumps.
Is it not possible to hold the endpicture until the next STATE starts playing for seamless bridges?

2. When jumping from video(1080i) to the next STATE the last frame becomes distorted (like its much lower resolution)

We use a HD2000 with 1.3 Firmware, standard autorun.bas and following simple CSV:

VIDEOMODE 1920x1080x50i IMAGEMODE 0 VIDEOPLAYERAUDIOMODE 1 VIDEOPLAYERAUDIOOUTPUT 4 EVENTS elo:0:0:1920:1080 videoend STATE Bridge0.jpg 1080 Bridge1.mpg STATE 1080 Bridge1.mpg Bridge1.jpg Bridge1.jpg STATE Bridge1.jpg 1080 Bridge2.mpg STATE 1080 Bridge2.mpg Bridge2.jpg Bridge2.jpg STATE Bridge2.jpg 1080 Bridge3.mpg STATE 1080 Bridge3.mpg Bridge3.jpg Bridge3.jpg STATE Bridge3.jpg Bridge0.jpg

The blackscreen can also be seen on the Roku demo presentation.

Is this a known problem and are there any workarounds for seamless playback other than fade to to black?


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    I sent you a modified autorun.bas. The current autorun.bas calls a video command to clear the video when it's finished playing. This is only called when CSV files are used. It's not called when playlists are used.

    I changed the video.StopClear() command to video.Stop(). That's the only change. So, now, the last framce should stay onscreen.

    This only works if your video has no black frames at the beginning or end. So, please verify that's the case.
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