Multiple Unit Sync w/ independent overlay video?

I understand from reading on the forum that I can sync multiple HD2000 units to an accuracy of 1.5 frames. A few questions regarding this:

• How many units maximum can I sync together?
• Is it possible to utilize an external trigger that will either replace the current synchronized video on ONE of the monitors OR provide a video overlay on ONE of the monitors while the other monitors continue to play in sync?
• Please verify that after completion of the replacement video, the monitor can join playback of the synchronized video.

Thank you,

Steve Owens

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    There's no limit to the # of units you can synchronize. We have a cable diagram showing 4 units working together. You can use an external trigger. What do you mean by a video overlay?

    The way the current script works is that the main unit sends a signal to the client units right before it starts playing. The client units listen for the signal, and start playing. So, you can insert some other hardware to interact with the units. So, as you describe, one unit can do something else, and keep listening for signals from the main. If one unit leaves the group, it won't be able able to come back in the middle of a video, unless you are changing what the unit is doing, just what the display is doing.

    If you can provide more details, I can be more specific.
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