HD600 / firmware v.1.3.11??

Hey, I bought two HD600s and they came with v.1.1.28. These two are CF only machines. I bought two used ones through this forum that have an firmware of v.1.3.11. These two boxes have a CF slot _and_ an SD slot.

Using the same files (autorun.bas and autoplay.bsp, plus content files) from my earlier purchases on my used boxes I can't get the same bits to run.

Also, when the used "boot" they don't cycle the same way as the newly purchased units. The used ones don't seem to autosense the VGA monitors like the new ones. I'm attributing this to the different firmware version, however, I'd like to get these working. The only light(s) that remain lit after the cycle is the power light (no video light as the user manual indicates).

Anyone have v.1.3.11? If so, do you use the v.1.1.7 script?

David Malone

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    1.3.11 is a beta firmware, and it doesn't work with the older 1.1.7 autorun that you have. The HD600s should look identical. If your used ones are bigger, then you have hd2000s.

    All HD600s are CF only. The SD card slot wasn't enabled.

    Send me an email at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@roku.com">lallydice@roku.com</a><!-- e -->, and I'll send you the updated autorun. You can also download 1.1.28 from the web, and downgrade the units to that firmware version.
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