Pics from our new exhibition on wheels!

Here are some photos of Riksutställningars/Swedish Travelling Exhibitions newest exhibition: Restore Hope/Se mej! (See me!).

- custom built trailer using Corapan aluminum sandwich material
- two 57" NEC full HD LCD-monitors
- two HD2000
- A/C system with automatic heat/cold/de-moisture
- GPS/GSM tracking alarm
- built to be mounted/unmounted by two persons in 1 hour.
- touring schedule is about 3-5 days at each location (square, plaza or similar) as it travels together with a theatre play
- runs on 230V/10A

Info about the exhibition: http://www.homenothome.se/en/the-exhibition

We've had one major problem since the opening 2weeks: The large black aluminum areas act as sun/solar panels producing massive amounts of heat between the protecting Margard plexi glass and the LCD-monitors.
Because of the time of year the sun is very low, shining directly on the monitor facing the sun.
Even though the climate is getting cold (5-15 degrees Celsius outside) and the temperature inside the trailer is 18 degrees Celsius we measured 60 degrees Celsius in front of the monitior in direct sunlight. Solved (hopefully) by mounting fans that circulate the air in front of the monitiors.

Over all a very fun and challenging prohect to work with. The HD2000 was the perfect solution for the application. Unfortunately the video material used was DV/4:3 which doesn't really take advantage of the HD possibilities (it is upscaled to 1080i in FCP/Compressor).

Oscar Engberg, technician
Riksutställningar/Swedish Travelling Exhibitions



Final preparations:

On location at Järntorget in Gothenburg:



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