HD/SD Video for brightsign using opensource tools.

I'm a mac user. I'm also a linux/FOSS nerd. I've found that, even with all the expensive apps available to me at my office, the best way to format content for the brightsign is to using opensource SW:

(These steps will work on Windows and linux too)

I start with an uncompressed 8-bit .mov from compressor or final cut.
I then transcode the video to h264 using ffmpegX. 22-25k bitrate, 48k audio.
To create a transport stream, I use the 'open' dialog in VLC and click the 'stream/save' box; select MPEG TS in the setting dialog, and do not re-transcode the media.

This works 99% of the time. If anybody knows a way of creating h264 tStreams right in ffmpeg, please let me know.


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