CF card start delay???


I have a problem with installing a new film in an existing multiple screen setup. It worked fine for one year with 5x HD600, now the film is update (1 minute longer), but every time I put in the new film (exactly the same type of CF cards), there is a 4 to 8 second delay at the start-up on every CF card. So it looks and sounds really bad with a 4 second deley between the movies.
When booting-up the HD 600's, you will see the 5 leds running out of sync.

Now I discovered that the delay is depending on the used CF card.
But, as I said, I bought 15 the same 2 Gb Kingston CF cards last year. So they are all the same, and the original show runs perfect for a year now on those cards.
So it has to be the format of the content I supposed. After 4 new renderings the problem was still there. The only way was to put the new film on the original cards, then there was just a 1 second delay. Still not good enough.
I formatted the CF cards FAT 32, now I tried just the standard FAT, and they seems to be running fine now. This is still very weird, because the perfect running originals are also formatted FAT 32!!

What can couse these strange effects? What are the best format settings for the CF cards?

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