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How to manage and define images  layer in B/A ? eg. PIC over PIC, PIC under video. 


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    Go to Edit tab, click Layout, delete all zones, then click "Add Zone" button and define a zone you wish to have as a background zone. Then click "Add Zone" button again, and add a zone above the zone specified before.

    In BrightAuthor under File - Presentation Properties - Main tab you can select a background color that appears behind your zones.

    BrightSigns support image overlays over video. You can use PNG images with transparency, and videos will play through the transparent regions of the PNG files. Under the Edit tab in BrightAuthor, under Layout, you can add the Images zone above the Video zone. All you need to do after that is put an PNG image into the image zone that has transparency.

    You can also locate Images zone over a Background Image zone. This will allow you do to image overlays.

    You can't overlay video on top of images. An image zone will always be on top. You can create a PNG image with a cutout that's transparent, so that the videos shows through it. This will give you a border around the video that's the solid part of the image.

    You could overlay Ticker zone over the Video zone or over the Background Image zone. But you can't put videos above the Background Image zone. You could also create a dedicated text zone, and add a background image to the text zone using the "Zone Properties" button.
    Live Text can be layered over images or videos. Check BrightAuthor user guide for more details.

    You could make a slide show (play images with background audio). This video explains how to setup a BrightAuthor project using two zones, one for images only, and the video/images zone with audio files only.

    You can add Audio only zone and Video/Images zone in your project, and play videos with mp3's leading out the sound onto two different outputs. Audio output settings are set in Zone Properties for each zone.

    You can put a Clock zone over a Video zone or over a Background Image zone. It is not supported over an image zone, but you can add a background image to a clock zone using the "Zone Properties" button.

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    Eve West

    zone color

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    Not sure what you mean by "zone color" here?

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