Script or BA - which way should I go?

I am looking to control a number of XD-1030's using an Ethernet based (Alcorn McBride) Show Controller. I have been reading about a variety of different ways to control the units with UDP. We are not doing anything particularly exotic, starting full screen videos, looping, pausing etc. updating files occasionally. It appears as though I could go either way but that they are mutually exclusive of each other.

I like the structured format of the Script example, where there is an established protocol for messages and responses.  As opposed to the anything goes approach of BA. But BA is more flexible and visually oriented which might be easier for future updates by staff with unknown technical proficiency.

I had been playing with assigning UDP commands to each video file, but was not excited about having to ensure that each video state was programmed with all possible options. Someone suggested that I use an (otherwise unused?) audio state to send and receive all UDP commands and to launch the video files so that the active communication state never changes, eliminating the need to have a bunch of redundant UDP handlers. But I have not yet determined the method to actually do that.

I was hoping that I could get feed back and recommendations on the most appropriate path to take from this apparent cross roads.

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    You can use a playfile state to assign one unique command to each video. And, you can include all of the videos in the one playfile.  The script example posted was just a proof fo concept. You could also build playback functions into a plugin so you could use brightauthor and the plugin. I'm attaching a play plugin that's only started, and isn't complete, but has two commands; one to play a file, and the other to play the contents of a folder. You could attach it to a brightauthor project.




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