BrightPlates Beta Program

Welcome to the BrightPlates early Beta program.


BrightPlates is a template based digital signage solution which allows you to easily create digital signage presentations using preconfigured templates. The templates are populated by your existing  LiveMedia feed data in your BrightSign Network account. You must have a BrightSign Network account to use BrightPlates.


There are 2 workflows in using BrightPlates:


Using only the BrightPlates interface to create digital sign presentations

  1. This is the main approach where you would pick from a library of templates.
  2. To sign into BrightPlates go to http://www.Brightplates.biz and use your BrightSign Network credentials to log in.
  3. The attached document is a brief view on how to use BrightPlates.



Creating templates for use as BrightPlates templates

  1. This is for creating templates for use in BrightPlates.
  2. Creating templates requires knowledge of HTML and Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator. If you are interested in creating templates please email me and I will send sample HTML and sample content with instructions.



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