IR controller - how the heck do you program it?

I've been searching for any kind of direction on how to program the BrightSign IR remote for basic select and play different video files. I've not found much except for some scripting directions. Is it really that much of a pain? Anyone know of a better video on programing this IR remote.


Iguana IR receiver




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    are you using the internal Ir port?

    Brightauthor defaults to the usb ir the player supported originally. 


    This is a plugin that listens for the internal ir port, and sends a zone message with the ir value received.  It supports the built in text codes that work with the roku remote, ff, rw, etc. There's a sample project included in the zip file that uses the plugin. 



    Roku remote Values

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    Thanks for your quick response. I've been doing basic BA for several years. Drag in videos and use GPIO buttons to select the video you want to play. We don't have locations for buttons this project so trying this remote system. So, I'm completely new to the ir. Not sure what you mean by the internal port. We purchased the Iguana USB receiver, is that something different? I was able to open your file and relink the plug-in, but again never dealt with zone messaging or anything at this stage. Is the same plug-in always used when setting up for this IR remote? I've found in the Presentation Properties where that is added. How does the zone message come into play? I think I understand the remote event. How would that work if I'm not doing live text (home) and just a screen that a teacher can see the different videos on the screen and then select the one she wants?  Thanks again for the help so far.


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    Danny Keren

    Hi Tim,

    have you got this to work?
    i'm just having the same issue as you...first time trying to use IR on BS.

    bought the Iguana USB IR but can't get it to work :(

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    Brandon Stryker

    Having this issue as well, but I need to get it to work in autorun.brs, not with BA.

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