Synchonisation, DMX and network

Hi !
We are working for museums and have already installed many Brightsign XD1033 with tactil screen monitors.
We'd like to work on more complex installations, so we have questions.
We still want a tactil HD monitor for the user interaction.
We'd like video medias to be launched synched both on another HD monitor and a video projector.
These video medias are the same duration lengh, but different content.
How shall we configure the Brightsign video servers in Bright Author to do this ?
We join you an hypothetic schema of the installation.
Which models of Brightsign 1, 2 and 3 from the schema are required ?
We would also like, if possible, to dim ambiant lights with DMX protocol, following the user navigation on the tactil monitor.
What are the technical solutions ?
Best regards.

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