Feature Request for Networked Players

For the local networked units it would be great to be able to resize or have a larger list for the players.

Also sorting on the manage tab by name would be extremely helpful.

When you publish to a video wall and have to select the screens the list is all out of order.


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    Yes, this has been on going for years with little movement from the folks @ BS. The standard line is people should use the BSN for this stuff but in my experience that simply doesn't work for 99% of the environments I or others work in that are self contained.

    I frequently find myself jumping through external documentation for host names or IP's and loading devices 4 or 5 at a time and then deleting them for the next task.

    Perhaps it is simply a UI programming limitation or perhaps it is purposely made annoying so BSN looks like a better option.

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    Tony Pappas

    Use a text editor to edit  BrightSignUnits.xml in %LocalAppData%\BrightSign\BrightAuthor\ folder. Make sure you backup the file before you edit it. Thats how I order my players. Just change the order of the ip addresses listed in the <addedBrightSigns> section. Hope this helps :-)

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