Portrait Orientation for non-standard resolution LED Screen (XD234)

We've got BrightSign XD234 players and are facing issues with the screens’ content layout/playback; 

- Screens are portrait orientation direct-LED screens with non-standard resolution (448 x 640) - each screen has its own dedicated XD234. 

- we are unable to get the screens to display the content completely – getting cropped/downscaled (attached photos). 
- we have attempted creating a presentation and setting the output resolution to be slightly bigger than the screen resolution, and then setting the size of the zone to match screen resolution (X=0, Y=0, Width: 448, Height: 640) – and also attempted several trial-&-error setting changes in presentation but to no avail. 
- we have content matching the resolution of the screens, so content isn’t the issue here – we are able to display the screens normally via a PC running 3rd-party playback software (NovaStudio).

Would appreciate any suggestions for further trouble-shooting. Thanks.


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    What's your BrightSign presentation Screen resolution?   Please set the same as the NovaStudio PC.  Normally,  LED have sending card/controller (e.g: MCTRL300 ), and need to set input source resolution. I think the PC resolution is the same as the setting, but brightsign not. 

    and no need portrait the brightsign presentation,  landscape is OK ,  just need to set layout zone 448 x 640.

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    Kuowei Liao

    Just share my experience when I working with BS and LED processors.

    I will connect the my laptop to the LED processor first.
    Then execute the MonInfo (Monitor Asset Manager) software on the laptop to observe the options of the EDID of the LED processor.
    (If the BS has been connected to the LED processor, the EDID data can also be get from DWS API)

    If the LED processor can support standard resolution, such as 1920x1080, 3840x2160....
    Then set the appropriate resolution in the presentation and set the zone size to the resolution of the LED wall.

    But if the resolution supported by the LED processor is not a common resolution.
    We can find the appropriate Modeline settings (Native/preferred timing) from MonInfo.
    Finally, use BrightScript to write the custom resolution to autorun.brs.
    Set the resolution of the presentation to be greater than the resolution of the LED and set the zone size to the resolution of the LED wall.

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