SRT: Secure Reliable Transport

I am trying to send a SRT stream (Secure Reliable Transport).  I am not having any luck.  A few questions.....

1) What mode of SRT does Brightsign (XD233) support?  Listener, Caller, etc.  

2) Does the XD233 support srt?  

I have tried the following:

Sending a srt stream from Haivision Play app via Caller mode with the IP address being the IP address of the XD233

The XD233 has the most recent firmware 8.0.119.  Complete details below....

2020-01-08 12:54:23 PST (set)
Model: XD233
Unique ID: R3G76Y000329
Ethernet IP:
Ethernet MAC: 90:ac:3f:0c:2f:3e
Ethernet IPv6: fe80::92ac:3fff:fe0c:2f3e/64
Boot Version: 7.0.16
Boot Extra Version: 7.0.60
Firmware Version: 8.0.119
Video Mode: 3840x2160x60p:preferred (3840x2160x60p:preferred)
Uptime: 9 minutes

I made a very simple presentation with Brightauthor (version

Video Stream: URL for stream srt:// ( is the address of the encoder in this case the Haivision play app in listener mode)

I looked at the logs of the Brightsign and I see an error as shown below:

[ 50.623] Playing: srt://
[ 50.623] ### 00:00:27.545 nexus_audio_decoder: Decoder not started or suspended
[ 50.624] MediaStreamer::SetPipeline called with {gst:srt://}
[ 51.669] SignalDispatcher received signal 17
[ 51.712] PesHeader Initialize EOS/EOC buffers
[ 51.717] GStreamer: Plugin 'SRT protocol source' is missing
[ 51.717] GStreamer: Missing plugins prevent playback
[ 57.717] Gstreamer::Connect: aborted



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    Aaron Rollins Official comment

    UPDATE 8/17/2020:

    Quick update on SRT. 8.1 OS and later require an update to the SRT extension. Please reach out and we can provide that newer version for you.


    Hi All,

    BrightSign does support SRT through a firmware extension we work with Haivision directly on supporting. This will allow you to enter SRT stream URLs in BrightScript, HTML5 Video, or BrightAuthor formatted similarly to VLC on the desktop.

    Currently, we are handing this out through the creation of a support ticket, but we may just publish it publically in the future.

    With the extension, the player supports caller, listener and rendezvous mode. Here is a list of the URL options.

    special:mode mode:{"caller", "listener", "rendezvous"}
    The application uses srt_connect (if caller) or srt_listen+srt_accept (if listener), or both sides use srt_conect and SRTO_RENDEZVOUS flag (if rendezvous).
    special:localaddress localaddress:{STRING}
    sets the IP address of a local network device to bind() before listening or connecting (default uses
    SRTO_MAXBW maxbw:{INT, -1...}
    Maximum bandwidth (in b/s)
    SRTO_PBKEYLEN key*:{"0","128","192", "256"}
    Passphrase key length (16, 24, 32), mandatory for initiator side
    Passphrase string (10-80 characters)
    SRTO_MSS mss:{INT, -1...}
    Default 1500 which is size of the unit. By decreasing it you decrease the maximum payload size. Recommended not to mess with this in Live mode (default).
    SRTO_SNDBUF srt-send:{INT, 0...}
    Size of sender buffer in bytes, aligned to the multiplicity of UDP payload size resulting from SRTO_MSS setting.
    SRTO_RCVBUF srt-recv:{INT, 0...}
    Size of receiver buffer in bytes, aligned to the multiplicity of UDP payload size resulting from SRTO_MSS setting.
    SRTO_IPTTL ipttl:{INT, -1...255}
    Maps to IP_TTL (level IPPROTO_IP) socket option
    SRTO_IPTOS iptos:{INT, -1...255}
    Maps to IP_TOS (level IPPROTO_IP) socket option
    SRTO_INPUTBW input-rate:{INT. -1...}
    Maximum BW with possible overhead
    SRTO_OHEADBW overhead:{INT, 5...100}
    Overhead BW (used only if INPUTBW is used and MAXBW == 0)
    SRTO_TSBPDDELAY latency, srtlatency:{INT, 0...}
    SRTO_TLPKTDROP too-late:{INT, -1...1}
    Whether to drop lost packets in order not to delay a next ready packet. Default on.
    Whether to send periodic NAK reports. Default on.
    SRTO_CONNTIMEO conntimeo:{INT, -1...}
    Connection timeout.
    special:port localport:{INT, 1...}
    Sets the port to given value to bind() before listening or connecting (caller mode only)
    SRTO_UDP_SNDBUF udp-send:{INT, 0...}
    SRTO_UDP_RCVBUF udp-recv:{INT, 0...}
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    Paul Brown

    Please note that I tried setting the play app (Encoder) to be in caller mode and in listener mode and the brightsign in listener and caller mode respectively and I get the same result.  

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    Henrik Wilsson

    I have the same problem. 
    I can see the SRT-stream in VLC but BrightSign log says GStreamer: Plugin 'SRT protocol source' is missing

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    What has led you to believe that BS units support SRT? Unless I've missed something in the release notes recently you'll likely need to use MPEG UDP stream into the the player which is effectively SRT but without the resiliency part and will work happily in most LAN scenarios. 

    If there is something you've read that states these units now support SRT then do let me know as that is of interest to me.

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    Paul Brown

    Hello Shaun,

    BrightSign supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology on both 1080p & 4K content which optimizes streaming performance even across unpredictable networks

    This is from https://www.brightsign.biz/key-features/ip-streaming

    We have developed an encoder that supports SRT Output and my customers are looking for decoder solution.  I use the Brightsign with UDP all of the time, but I  need a SRT decoder.  



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    Good to know. It doesn't look like that info has made it anywhere past the sales blurb i.e. docs.brightsign.biz so might pay to drop a line to support@brightsign.biz if you could update this thread with any info you get back that would be appreciated.


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    Henrik Wilsson

    SRT and brightsign works very well together. I contacted the support and got help with a new firmware.

    // Henrik

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    Michael Beaumont


    Has anyone had any luck with reducing SRT latency using the command SRTO_TSBPDDELAY?

    I'm struggling to get it to recognise the string, so just auto-negotiates the default latency of 125ms

    I'm using a URL string like this

    Many Thanks



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    Aaron Rollins

    Hi Mike,

    The command is 'srtlatency=50'. I will have this chart updated to hopefully make it more clear how to use these various commands.


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    On the question of delay, please confirm if you can increase the delay using that setting. Is it only the reduction under 125 that fails?

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    Michael Beaumont

    No it would seem I cant...even with the following URL



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    Henrik Wilsson

    Is it possible to get a version of the firmware that has SRT support?

    Best regards
    Henrik Wilsson
    Wilsson Brothers


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    Aaron Rollins

    Hi Henrik,

    If you create a support ticket with this request they will send you the latest.



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