Play HTML5 video with sound

I am currently having a weird issue with a HTML5-based video player app: on the first boot-up of the unit (XT1144), the video file doesn't play the sound until about 7 seconds in. 

The trigger for the playback is either a tap on the touchscreen or an external GPIO contact (headphones being picked up). Either way, the sound doesn't "unblock" on the first run of the app after boot. On the next run it functions without a problem, the sound is immediately there.

I have a suspicion that the 7 second limit is maybe related to the Media Engagement Index background check in Chromium/Chrome, since it actually fits the time pattern perfectly. I had hoped however that such functions are not enabled in the Chromium version for the BrightSign players, as they don't really make sense in the context.

Is my suspicion correct, and if yes, anybody have an idea how we might work around this, or disable it? 


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    Or other said, is there any way to pass custom flags to the Chromium engine, to disable features? In this case, I would need ""No user gesture is required" at chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy"

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    Jacques-Yves Bleau


    Is there a way to enable autoplay for a video with sound within an HTML page loading on a brightsign?

    Like we can do by starting chrome with a switch to change the autoplay policy:

    google-chrome --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required "https://acme.com/page-with-video-autoplay-with-sound.html"

    Anyone from tech support can answer that?

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