Database for Variable comparison?

I have built an NFC Reader that submits an NFC Tag UID back to a BrightSign device via UDP. This part works well. I was wondering if anyone could offer an opinion on how to scale this. I want to include a bag of tags and have them point to an endpoint. For example, tags 1-10 point to video content A, tags 11-20 point to video content B, etc. Is there a way I can store a list of the NFC Tag UIDs in a database for variable comparison? 

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    Mark Richards

    You can probably do something with a script plugin but i'd be incluned to do the following:

    - Add each for the RFID tags into seperate varaibles

    - Use an event handler to monitor the UDP events. (use the <any> tag to wildcard the RFID numbers)

    - Then within the UDP trigger under advanced tab, use conditional formatting to send a zone messge to the video playback zone with the corresponding video.


    This way, if the RFID tag numbers need updating in future, you can do this quickly via the web interface: http://<IPADDR>:8008

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