BrightSign App Android Crashing

Not sure when BrightSign added the Android version of the App, but glad they finally did.

However, when you run the app, it says "Searching units nearby..." and then crashes. I've tried on 3 devices so far, and the same on all of them.

There are several reviews in the Play Store that say they are having the exact same issue as well.

It would really be helpful if BrightSign can get this working for everyone.

Thank you.


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    Same problem, tested with a tablet and two different phones...
    It seems that this APP does not work.

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    I need an updated Android app so much... It Is absolutely Non-Sense just iOS app avilable to date...probable 90% of population runs Android phones...really... I do mean, not a joke, I work a lot programing Brighsign plateros, such a shame...please take me for real, I've been buying and installing lots of players for many customers, c'mon! It Is so obvios, isn't It! Please!

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