Super disappointed with BrightSign. !

We have an all in one HS144 and it has never been able to work. Im pretty good at using any software and using any websites but BA connected is not a friendly site. I have watched all the videos and followed along and still can not get my bright sign to work. The software is very hard to use. The site never tells you what kind of image  you can use (ie: pdf, jpeg, Tiff) ,or what sizes it should be. This is one of the worst designs I've seen for a software display website. 

I submitted  a help desk ticket through their webpage and instead  of sending it to the technology  help they sent it to sales. My issue has nothing to do with sales. IT is entirely a software/ technology  issue. 

We have spend a bunch of money on this the all in one BrightSign for it to just be a huge door stop. so disappointed with this this company. 


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    Monica Knutson

    Hello Angela,

    We have been using BrightSigns since the x-10 series came out (2014 if I'd have to guess).  The HS144 series is a board that gets installed into a third-party vendor's screen/touchscreen hardware.  There are some things missing from your comment that will help get you on the path to workability:

    • What is the resolution of the screen you are displaying on?  [This is what determines your image size]
    • What is the manufacturer of the "all in one" you refer to? 
    • Are you trying to make an interactive presentation (using touch, button input, etc) or just a looping playlist of images or videos?
    • Are you developing on a Mac, PC or other (Linux etc)?
    • What is the colorspace of the images you are trying to use?  [they should be RGB for screen, not CMYK]

    There are other questions that will likely be asked once the community receives answers to the above.  BrightAuthor is a pretty simple to use program.  I have not used BrightAuthor:Connected yet, but others on this forum can lend their advice.

    Tutorial links:

    Supported image files:

    Supported video codecs:



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    HS144 is an integrated product not an end-user product so whatever screen/kiosk manufacturer is contracted to support their product, and beyond that, your reseller should be providing support for what they sold you.  We are the hardware manufacturer but rely on our resellers and integrators to provide direct support to users/clients.  In this case it's twice removed since you're using a third-party's product that has BrightSign components integrated into it.

    You were sent to Sales for them to assist in getting your reseller to assist you, as well as to provide suggestions for someone who can provide local support if the reseller who sold you the product is unable/unwilling to help you.

    On the authoring/management front, if you don't like BrightAuthor or BA:connected, there are a number of third-party CMS systems that can use BrightSign hardware as clients, but be sure to verify with the provider if it supports HS144 in particular.

    Friendly reminder, the community forum is intended for user-to-user discussion.  It is not regularly monitored. For troubleshooting problems and to ensure a timely answer from a BrightSign representative, please submit a support ticket

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    Angela Finn

    To my knowledge and Ive ask everyone on campus it did not come with any paperwork or instructions. I called the number listed and talked to a sales rep and she too said that it should be a technology support issue.  I think we bought the device through Delcom. I know that 2 other tech last year have tried and failed to get this device up and running. I need help. I don’t  need someone who keeps pushing it off on another company. I would love to talk to someone over the phone instead  of emails or posting to a board. I left my phone number in the ticket I submitted. 

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    Bright Scripters

    Let us try and help

    Please contact: support@brightscripters.com and we could get on zoom if needed.


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