Get currently played video's Timestamp in a plugin [BrightScript]

s it possible, to somehow get the current time of the played video when a specific UDP message arrives? If the plugin creates the roVideoPlayer object and starts the video then I can access this information with the "GetPlaybackPosition()" function, but what I really need is to make the project with BrightAuthor and include a plugin and the plugin handles the time stamp, everything else (mainly the playlogic) is made with BrightAuthor.

I tried to modify the generated autorun file, but I can't access this property, I just can't find the right object in the code which I can call the GetPlaybackPosition and does not result in an error.

It is a BrightSign XT1144 player. The main concept I want to achieve is to create the playlogic and player syncronisation with BrightAuthor and the included plugin just listen for UDP messages and when one arrives with the right keywords it will reply with the current playback position of the video (or - 1 if there's no playback at the moment)

I just not able to extract the playback positions from the Autorun file as I can't reference the right roVideoPlayer object. I tried to included the plugin functions into the autorun but I can't reference the videoplayer object from there also, I get errors with every try I made before. 

I tracked in the code which object starts the video, it's m.stateMachine.videoPlayer but when I try to reference it in the function which handles incoming events I can't, it throws me errors like this object does not exist.


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