BA Connected Control Cloud - moving players between network

I've been doing some testing and created a test network for BA Control Cloud (using third party vendor software for signage cms).

This went pretty well, but I have started moving to a "live" account that I will share with our department. To do this, I've deactivated the Sigangelive licence on the player, deleted it from the Device List and Device Provision list.

The unit didn't seem affected, so I manually reformatted the MicroSD card. On restarting, the player still downloaded its old setup and is showing the Sigangelive activation code.

So, I've tried previsioning it on the new network, formatting MicroSD and hoping that helps, reboot the player and it sets up signagelive again... but still isn't showing in either BA Connected list.

Am I missing a step?


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    Stephen Elkington

    FYI to anyone with a similar problem, a factory reset of the unit did the trick. It then appeared in the new BA Connected network.

    I couldnt access the console, so had to do a hardware factory reset by wiping the sd card, holding down the two buttons and powering up until err light flashed. This sorted it though.

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