Disable serial input for x seconds after change

I have a relatively simple project which has a 'screensaver' video playing on a loop until it's interrupted by a serial event (motion sensor) and switches to a main video. After the video is done it switches back to the screensaver video.

I'd like to disable the serial event for a certain period (10s or so) so that it gives time for people to walk away from the screen before it can be triggered again.

I searched around for similar issues but I only found one old thread that had a broken link to a custom autorun which the user couldn't get to work. Does anyone know how I can get this type of functionality in my project?

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    Bright Scripters

    Easier done than said :)

    In a nutshell, you'd have control zone handling the serial events and timeout (invisible image zone), which would send zone messages to the main zone that handles videos.


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