1900x1200 content wont load into Brightsign HD224 - Help!

Im trying to load a video thats 1900x1200 onto my BrightSign HD224. Is this resolution supported? It says its not supported...
It wont support an image of this size either. (it says its too large and the maximum supported resolution is 1920x1080)
If I edit the resolution in the actual BrightSign (not the Author) it allows me to select 1900x1200 and then reboots. but as soon as I click away from that screen it reverts back to 1920x1080.
Is this possible? I also have a Bright Sign XT, will 1900x1200 work on this instead? Any help much appreciated as I have to have this done by Monday! Thanks in advance- Dan

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    Bright Scripters

    What happens of you place that file on a blank SD card and power up?

    Is it playing?

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