HD224 on OS 8 - Getting direct file access from a web browser.

Hi all,

Prior to OS 8, I was able to point a web browser to URLs provided by the DWS to directly view SD card contents. For example, http://playerip/view?rp=sd/image-icon.jpg. I was using this in conjunction with the Control Script provided here: https://support.brightsign.biz/hc/en-us/articles/218066697-How-do-I-control-the-BrightSign-using-serial-or-UDP-Crestron-AMX-smartphones-tablets-etc-. 

The use scenario is that a 3rd party control system controls playback of files and the touchpanel shows previews of files dynamically from those view URLs. 

This all broke with the new OS 8 DWS, and since the players upgraded automatically without my knowledge, I can't go backwards (at least according to Support). 

I submitted a case but support wasn't able to provide a solution. Does anyone have other ideas?

The preview function in OS 8's DWS shows the actual bytes in the form of a data:image/png base64 data string. This doesn't work for me. 

I'm basically looking for an http URL I can enter into the address field of a web browser and it displays the image. 



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