BSN Cloud Roles to Specific Network?

Is there a way to restrict a user to a specific network? I have an admin account which should have access to all cloud networks on my plan, and publisher accounts. I would like to make sure the publisher accounts can only access the sub network. 

What we'd like to achieve:

- Network A (Admin)

- Network B (Admin, Publisher)

I can see ways to restrict capabilities from the user roles, but I can't figure out how to limit the network access they have. Is there a way to set this up? 


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    Brandon Official comment

    There is no overarching cross-network management.  Each BSN.cloud network is a separate entity.

    User logins are granted per-network.

    Roles/permissions are specific to each network.  A user can have different role/permissions in each network

    No user role/permission will give you access to a different BSN.cloud network.

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    Hi! when you create a network you can add all user you want, after this.

    in roles and permission you create a different roles ( ex: creators, network managers, publisher) go to user list and you can assign the role that you create at specific user.


    Let me know!

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    Brent Marshall

    Ah, I see it now. I created a test user on Network B and set their role to Publisher. When I log in I can now only see the one Network available to them. I must have set the Role to be too elevated before.

    Thanks for putting me on the right track!

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    have a good day!

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