Setting a user variable to the value of another user variable

I have a menu presentation that uses an image with a touch event that sends a UDP message to another player to play a video and then the menu transitions to a NowPlaying image where I want to display the name of the video that is playing.  The name of each video needs to be the value of a user variable for that video.  So, there would be a user variable, v1,v2,v3, etc and each would have the value equal to the name or title of that video.  Then I want to use another user variable, say vidTitle as the source of the Live Text video name but I first need a way to set the value of vidTitle to value of v1,v2,v3, etc. How can this be done?  Or, is there another way to achieve this?


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    Bright Scripters

    You can use the value of a variable with $$< Variable name >$$

    Example: $$v1$$



    In BA Connected it is slightly different but same idea

    Example: {{v1}}



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    OK, thanks for the response.

    So then, if in the advanced tab of a touch event in the presentation that resides in Touch Screen BrightSign Player#1,  I first Send a UDP message of key value  "NVH5" which would be received by a Video Play File event in BrightSign Player#2, it would play that video. Then, follow this with a Set Variable command of "$$videoTitle:NVH5-T$$"  the variable "videoTitle" would take on the value of the variable "NVH5-T" and then if used by the Live Text event the value of NVH5-T would show as the Live Text.  I will give this a try.

    Meanwhile, I was able to achieve my objective the hard way.  I added 22 Live Text events, one for each video.  It was a little bit of work, but it works just fine.


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