Interactive Marquee Sign

Hi, Im looking to create a 'changeable letter' style marquee sign using a 43" monitor. The end user should have a simple text box to enter what they want displayed on the sign, and then it would be formatted to look like a sign youd see outside a theater (black lettering on a backlit white background, complete with the channels that hold the letters in place). Could I use the brightsign to pull up a local HTML page and display that right onto the screen? It seems like that might be one way to do it but I wasnt sure if it was overkill. I havent done any HTML on brightsign before so this is all new to me. I want to keep at as simple as I can with the end user where they can open the webpage that has the text box and just type what they want and then it takes care of the rest. Thanks for any help in advance! 


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