Touch Screen; How to make a video continue playing only if touched at a specific time, otherwise exit to another video?

I have a touch screen, and best way to describe is making a game.

I have a video playing. I want the user to touch a part of the screen at a specific time (say, between 5-6 seconds in to the video). If they do so, the video continues to play normally. If they do not, at the end of that time it goes a specific "lose" video. If I have another time for an input (between 11-12 seconds in to the video) and they fail there, I want it to go to the "lose" video for that specific interaction. I don't want to the player to be able to touch the zone early and have that count as the correct input (storing a variable for a long time).

Any ideas on how I would go about this? I am planning many interactions, so wanting something easily built out.


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    Monica Knutson

    Hi Michael!

    I would offer using user variables with conditional actions.  There is a video timecode event that you can use to set/reset your variables too.  For example:

    var_vid1timeout = false
    var_vid2timeout = false

    var_vid1touched = false
    var_vid2touched = false

    var_vid1ready = false
    var_vid2ready = false

    On a video timecode event, set your vid1ready variable to true.  Then, on a touch event, check if the vid1ready is true and if so, do a conditional target to your next state.

    Hope this helps point you in the right direction...



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    Michael Lipton


    Interesting approach, I was doing something somewhat similar, but will expand a bit on that. Thanks!

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