How to send a mute command with one button to all synchronised players?

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What's the best way to setup a presentation (for XD233) to send a mute/unmute command to the slave players in a local network? 

I have three players all playing the same video in an area. Two (including the master) are displaying the video at ground level with headphones attached. The third is sending audio only to a loudspeaker in the ceiling. 

Reaching the amps/player in the ceiling is difficult as it's a public area so I want to install a button at ground level. I have a button that I've already tested to mute/unmute, where I set up a second zone in the presentation and used event handlers to send those commands (instructions I got from this forum). 

How would I set up the presentation so I can attach the button to the master player to synch the mute and unmute command across all three players?




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