Looking for Help with an AU335 Using Motion Detector and buttons to trigger an audio file. Looking for a presentation file from an Old post about a museum project

The post is from back in 2020.   Here is the link to the post.  


The conversation was about a museum project that would  start playback of an audio file when someone enters the detection beam of a motion sensor and then stop when as there was no more motion detected.

It looked like Monica had saved a presentation file somewhere.   I was wondering if there was anyway of getting to this file.  



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    Shawn Faherty

    Thank you for sharing the older thread link.  I'm running into the same issue with no attached files to older threads.  Did you find your project?  Looking to do the same one.

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    Ronald Kolonay

    No, we could not get presentation file.  The link was on a customer's dropbox account. So, BrightSign can't retrieve it.  The conversation thread was between two customers.   I did not try to contact them.   We are pretty much starting from scratch.

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