Audio Playlist: Pause, Resume, Switch Playlist, etc.


We are trying to set up a playlist for playing music at a Zoo.
We would like to be able to have a UDP option in the Browser interface to pause and resume the music, or switch playlists if needed.

I know how to set up volume control, but not the rest. Please share any specific instructions you may know of.

Using with an HD224 for now.



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    Mark Richards

    I would setup a project with two interactive zones as follows:


    Zone1 contains an event handler widget. This is where you process the incoming UDP messages.

    - Attach a selection of UDP events with a specified input of Pause/Resume/Playlist1/Platlist2/etc.

    - Make sure the target state is "remain on current state"

    - Under Advanced, add a new command and use one of the following:

    1) Other > Pause zone playback > Zone2

    2) Other > Resume zone playback > Zone2

    3) Send > Zone message > Playlist1/Playlist2/etc


    Zone2 contains the audio playlists:

    - This could be either media lists for each playlist (preferred as its neater), or individual audio files with an end media event to transition to the next audio file.

    - Make sure you add a zone message event to each of the states in zone2 that you want to be able to transition out of.

    - These need to match the zone message string above and are case sensitive.


    More on zone messages here:




    Zone 2 contains a 

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    Rachel Yurkovich

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for the suggestions. A couple of questions as I try to set this up.
    I am using BrightAuthor 4.7 for this. 

    1. What type of zone should the event handler be?
    Video and Image? Audio? Or does that not matter.

    2. When I go to add the Commands to Zone 1, I see a "Pause" option but not a "Pause zone playback" option.
    I also do not see a "Resume zone playback" option. If I select "Pause" It wants me to enter milliseconds in the next box.

    I got kind of stuck after that point.

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    Mark Richards

    1) Event handlers can be used in any of the zone types. I generally put them in an audio zone as I usually have a display attached. This isn't a problem for you as you are just using audio.

    Please bear in mind the HD224 is limited to 1 video & images zone, 2 audio zones. You will be using one of the audio zones for your playlists, but its up to you where you put an event handler.

    2) Apologies, pause/resume zone playback are features of BA:Connected. these are not part of Brightauthor. A couple of options you could consider:

    1 - Implement this is BA:Connected instead of Brightauthor. NOTE: You may need to update firmware on the brightsign and you will need to create the setup files through ba:connected

    2 - Use a script to access the pause and resume controls within brightauthor:


    This will be more complicated but should provide the functionality you've requested

    3 - Use Zone volume > Set  to a value of 0/100 to effectively mute the output of the Brightsign. Your audio will still be playing in the background though, so when you resume you will be further through the playlist.



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    Rachel Yurkovich


    This is super helpful.
    I tried to set this up with BrightAuthor:Connected

    I ended up just using one zone with UDP events.

    The Pause, Resume, and Playlist buttons show up on the BrightSign app, and work, as well as on the browser.


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    Mark Richards

    To skip a song: If you are using a media list / audio list widget to store each playlist, Select this state and go:

    Events /  Commands > Play next events > Add event

    Make this new event a UDP event with an input of NEXT

    Now if you send the UDP packet "NEXT" it will skip to the next song in the playlist. You can also add a UDP command PREV to "play previous events" as well.

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    Rachel Yurkovich

    Got it - thank you!

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