How do you program two schedule interrupts to one device?

Hi, I hope someone can help.

I am trying to set up two different interrupt schedules to play two different presentations within the same day at different times, interrupting a main presentation that plays every day, 24-7, to multiple player units. I just want one of the units to be interrupted, twice, with two different presentations at different times. When I have tried, as soon as I save the second interrupt schedule, it shuts off the first one.

I can find very little detailed documentation on interrupt schedules in the users manual or online.

Thanks, very much!

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    Carol Witt-Smith

    I have also found that all the directions are fuzzy.  I have tried to schedule an interrupt and it shuts my screen down.  I can not schedule different presentations each day using the calendar.  Only the all day 7 days a week non-stop works and I am constantly manually rewriting over presentations.  Following what people will respond to your answer.  

    Reset of the time won't be a good option, since every week our generators get tested and shut the power down which will throw a clock rest weekly.

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