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Im trying to create an (interactive) playlist with 5 different videos. The videos vary in duration. I want them to play one after the other but with a 10-15 second pause before the next video starts. 

So far I have placed them all in order with timeout events in between. I have changed the timeout events 10/15 seconds longer than the duration of the video (so lets say the video takes 10 seconds, the timeout event is set at 25), but still the video seems to cut out randomly, or it finishes and the next video immediately starts playing. 


Any help would be appreciated!

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    Monica Knutson

    Are you using BrightAuthor:Connected or BrightAuthor Legacy?

    You could add a Command to a Media End event instead of the Timeout.

    1. Add the media end event and destination to your video
    2. Double click the media end event
    3. Switch to the Advanced tab
    4. Add a Command "Other"
    5. In the "Other" command, scroll to and select "Pause"
    6. Type in your milliseconds for the pause (1 sec = 1000ms)

    If that doesn't work as you want, and the media jumps anyway, then try doing a variable set/reset using the Pause.  And do a conditional target on the media end event.

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