GPIO Output Delay Settings?

Hi All,

I am using an HD-1023 playing a video outputting GPIO to a Digital Loggers AC/DC Control Relay. It is successfully turning the power on and off during video playback.

The issue is that the relay turns on slightly before the video plays and shuts off slightly after the video ends. I have tried adding various "Other" / "Pause" commands in the Advanced Tab of Media Properties. I tried putting the "Pause" both before and after the GPIO/ ON command. It either delayed both relay and video, or just delayed the video.

Does anyone have a magic solution? ;)




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    Bright Scripters

    You should get better results by using Timeout Events instead of pause command.


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    Each zone's playlist runs in parallel with other zones, so I'd have the video zone send Zone Messages to Event Handlers in other zones to do things before/during/after video playback.

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