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BrightSign Support Manager Mar 18 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

Documentation for the BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition (BSNEE) 3.9 is now available on the User Guides and Documentation page. Documents include the following:

  • Installation Guide: For fresh BSNEE 3.9 installs
  • Upgrade Guide: For upgrading a BSNEE instance from version 3.5 to 3.9
  • Configurator 1.02 Tech Note: For configuring BrightAuthor installs to point to your BSNEE instance
  • BSNEE WebUI User Guide: For administrators and users of the BSNEE WebUI

BSNEE version 3.9 includes a number of new features and improvements, including the following:

  • Support for New Models: The 4Kx42, XDx32, HDx22, and LSx22 devices are now supported by BSNEE.
  • Audio Dynamic Playlists: Audio Dynamic Playlists can now be created in the WebUI or uploaded from BrightAuthor.
  • Validity Dates: You can now assign Validity Dates to specific items in Dynamic Playlists, Live Data feeds, and Live Media feeds. An item with Validity Dates will only be included in the playlist/feed within a specified time period.
  • HTTPS File Upload Support: If the HTTPS protocol is enabled for the BSNEE Web Site node (i.e. the WebUI) during installation, file uploads through the WebUI will also use HTTPS.

BrightSign Support Manager Mar 10 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

BrightAuthor version (beta) is now available on the Downloads page. This version supports all current BrightSign models: 4Kx42, XDx32, HDx22, LSx22, XDx30, and HDx20 (including the AU320).

Version includes an important fix for BrightSign Network users: Publishing a presentation and firmware update to a BSN group containing a presentation from an older version of BrightAuthor no longer provokes an error message. Also, using Windows localization settings that specify commas (“,”) in place of decimals (“.”) no longer causes a crash when creating commands in BrightAuthor.

BrightSign Support Manager Feb 20 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

The Beta version of BrightAuthor ( has been made available for all current model families: 4Kx42, XDx32, XDx30, HDx22, HDx20, LSx22, and AU320. This version allows you to publish to any model using a single copy of BrightAuthor.

For all model families except XDx32, using BrightAuthor will also require updating the player to the current Beta firmware version. You can download the Beta versions of BrightAuthor and firmware from the Downloads page

BrightSign Support Manager December 22, 2014 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

BrightSign firmware version 5.1.24 is now available on the Downloads page. This is the new Production version of firmware for XDx32 models (replacing 5.1.16), and the new Beta version of firmware for XDx30 models (replacing 5.1.12).

Important: We strongly recommend installing this update if your XD player(s) are currently running 5.1.12 or 5.1.16. These versions have an instability that may cause errors and crashes with any presentation or deployment. Once you install version 5.1.24 on your XDx30 or XDx32 player, you will not be able to reinstall earlier versions of 5.1 firmware.

Aside from fixing the above issue, this version also fixes dual-video playback and video rotation. The update also includes support for closed captioning and subtitles (CEA-608, CEA-709, and DVB), as well as support for synchronizing the scrolling ticker over multiple screens (via BrightScript or JavaScript).

The firmware update also fixes the splash screen for firmware updates on all models.

BrightSign Support Manager December 3, 2014 6 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

To support the release of the new XDx32, HDx22, and LSx22 model lines, we’ve posted new versions of BrightAuthor and a new production version of firmware to the Downloads page.

BrightAuthor (Production)

This is the production version of BrightAuthor for the new model lines. Note that this version, along with, are not intended for use with XDx30, HDx20, or 4K models. A new version of BrightAuthor that supports these models along with the XDx32, HDx22, and LSx22 will be available soon.

Among several new features, this version includes Remote Snapshot, which can be enabled during the unit setup process. Currently, Remote Snapshot is only available for players that are set up for Local File Networking. This version also supports seamless looping of synchronized (BrightWall) videos.

This version includes the Presentation Tree View feature, which presents the entire presentation as a descriptive, expandable tree of events and transitions. There are also numerous UI improvements related to manual scaling and automated positioning of windows and dialogues in BrightAuthor.

You can view a full list of new features, fixes, and improvements by viewing the release notes here (they are also included in each .zip update file).

BrightAuthor (Beta)

Along with the new features in, this Beta version fixes a runtime error that occurs when the player is performing setup for Remote Snapshot with Local File Networking. It also fixes a BrightAuthor crash that occurs when attempting to open a deleted presentation.

Firmware 5.1.16 (Production)

This version of firmware is currently available for XDx32, HDx22, and LSx22 models only. It is required for using BrightAuthor with these models. For XDx32 models, this version includes PoE (Power over Ethernet) reporting capabilities via the Diagnostic Web Server. For HDx22 and LSx22 models, this version includes a playback improvement for IP streaming.

BrightSign Network Version 3.9

Version 3.9 of the BrightSign Network went live on Friday, November 28th. This version supports the XDx32, HDx22, and LSx22 model lines. It also allows you to create and publish Audio Dynamic Playlists to any player model.

This version also includes a set of dialog boxes that allow you to update a group of players to the minimum firmware required to play a presentation (if the firmware for those players is out of date).