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BrightSign and the Heartbleed Vulnerability

This statement is related to the recent Heartbleed vulnerability with OpenSSL and its potential effect on BrightSign products.

BrightSign Players

BrightSign players do not use OpenSSL to communicate with the BrightSign Network (or remote web servers if set up for Simple File Networking), nor do they use OpenSSL to retrieve HTML resources from remote locations. Therefore, the players themselves were at no time vulnerable to attacks.

BrightSign Network

Several of the BrightSign Network servers use OpenSSL to communicate with players, BrightAuthor, and web browsers (via the WebUI). All servers were patched, fixing the OpenSSL vulnerability, by the end of Saturday, April 12th (PDT).

If you have sensitive information on your BrightSign Network account, we recommend changing your account password (by logging in to the BrightSign Network, clicking on the Account tab, and entering information into the Password Reset fields).

BrightSign Support Manager Apr 10 2 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

BrightAuthor 3.8 has gone Beta and is now available for public distribution. You can download BrightAuthor version from the Software Downloads page.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the BrightAuthor Alpha program: Your feedback was invaluable for improving the presentation preview feature and creating an overall better final build. If you took part in the Alpha program, and wish to see a list of changes between Alpha and Beta builds of BrightAuthor 3.8, you can view this post in the Alpha Forum.

The following list outlines the most important new features in BrightAuthor 3.8. To learn how to use these features, please see the BrightAuthor User Guide 3.8.

  • Presentation preview
  • BrightWall (enhanced video-wall synchronization)
  • Copy/Paste, Export/Import states
  • Superstates: The ability to layer interactive playlists and transition between them.
  • Exit commands: You can now specify Advanced Commands to occur when a state or media file is entered or exited.
  • Presentation autosave/backup feature
  • Ability to interrupt scheduled presentations
  • Custom fonts for HTML5 states
  • HTML manifest caching
  • Option to resize images that are too large
  • Notes section for each state

There are numerous other features, fixes, and improvements in this release; to view them all, click on the Release Notes PDF link next to the Download Now button (the notes are also included in the update .zip file).

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BrightSign firmware version 4.7.146 is now available on the Software Downloads page. The firmware download section is located below the BrightAuthor download section.

This firmware is compatible with the following models: HD120, HD220, HD1020, XD230, XD1030, and XD1230. Note that the update files for XD and HD players are different. Make sure to use the download link that corresponds to your player model.

Both HD and XD versions include numerous fixes for audio streaming and cross fading, including improved support for Icecast and SHOUTcast streaming.

Aside from several HTML5 fixes, the XD version features performance improvements to swipe/gesture functionality. The XD firmware update also includes the ability to take screenshots of the presentation area and save them on the local storage of the player (this feature is currently only available with custom scripts or plugins).

You can view a full list of new features, fixes, and improvements by clicking on the PDF link next to each Download Now button (they are also included in each update .zip file).

BrightSign Support Manager Jan 20 4 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

BrightSign is looking for users willing to test out the Alpha version of BrightAuthor 3.8. Please note that, this being an Alpha build, there are numerous stability issues, so we do not recommend using BrightAuthor 3.8 in a production environment.

The following is a list of features that are currently implemented in BrightAuthor 3.8 Alpha:

  • Presentation preview
  • BrightWall / Enhanced Synchronization
  • Copy/Paste, Export/Import States
  • Exit commands
  • 4K resolution support for XD players
  • Ability to populate Media Lists or Play Files from data feeds
  • Ability to interrupt scheduled presentations
  • Custom fonts in HTML5 states
  • HTML manifest caching
  • Autosave feature for presentations
  • Option to resize images that are too large
  • Notes section for all states
  • Support for wildcards within serial events
  • Dynamic Playlists for audio files
  • Ability to limit the number of Tweets displayed in a Twitter feed

Note: This feature list may change between the Alpha build and the public release of BrightAuthor 3.8.

If you would like to try BrightAuthor 3.8 and report back about bugs and usability issues you encounter, please contact

BrightSign Support Manager Jan 15 1 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

The BSN Web API was made available for public use with the recent release of the BrightSign Network 3.5. The reference manual for the API is now available on the Documentation page.

The Web API allows BrightSign Network operations to be carried out using a standardized library of SOAP commands. Developers can use this API to build web applications that take advantage of BrightSign Network functionality. Please note that the Web API is still in a provisional phase, and some application behaviors and/or performance limitations may not be documented yet.