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BrightSign Support Manager Oct 20 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

There are new versions of BrightSign firmware and BrightAuthor software available on the Software Downloads page.

The following is a short summary of each update. For a more comprehensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, see the release notes located next to the Download Now button (they are also included in the .zip file).

Firmware Version 4.8.114 (Production)

This firmware update is intended for the following BrightSign models: XD230, XD1030, XD1230, HD120, HD220, HD1020, AU320.

The XD version includes improvements to the WebKit JavaScript engine, as well as support for the Planar PS4660T multi-touch screen. It also includes support for HDMI Input rotation (via BrightScript only) with the roVideoPlayer.SetTransform method.

Both HD and XD versions include several fixes for audio and video streaming.

BrightAuthor Version (Beta)

Minimum Player Firmware Required: 4.7.146 (XD230, XD1030, XD1230, HD120, HD220, HD1020, AU320) / 3.11.11 (HD110, HD210, HD410, HD810, HD1010)

This version of BrightAuthor includes a fix for an MRSS state transition bug that causes a runtime error on the player. 

BrightSign Support Manager Oct 15 1 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

4K1142 players that are currently shipping do not support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). As a result, any HDMI Input video that is encoded using HDCP will not be displayed by the player. This mostly applies to (non-4K) HD video output from a cable/satellite receiver or Blu-ray player.

We are working to implement HDCP support on the 4K1142 as soon as possible, and HDCP-compatible 4K1142 players will begin to ship mid to late Q4 2014.

In the event that it is not possible to implement HDCP compatibility for current 4K1142 units in the field; they will need to be returned to a BrightSign facility to be securely updated. If you currently have 4K1142 players and require HDCP compatibility, contact BrightSign support for further instructions. 

BrightSign Support Manager Oct 03 3 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

Support for 4K players, including software downloads and documentation, is now available. The software is available on the new Downloads page, which is located in the header at the top of the page and the Support Menu on the left. This page is replacing the old Software Downloads page as the hub for all new versions of player firmware, BrightAuthor software, and other utilities. The new Downloads page makes it easier to find the correct version of firmware/software for your HD, XD, or 4K player model.


BrightAuthor (Official Release)

This version of BrightAuthor is intended for use with the 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 models only. This version allows you to publish presentations using 4K videos and resolutions. It also offers the following new features:

  • Z-ordering of graphics zones (relative to video zones)
  • Scrolling ticker support
  • Customizable transition-effect speeds between images

See the Release Notes for a full list of new features and fixes. Note that most of the changes in will be available soon on a version that is compatible with HD and XD players as well.

Firmware 5.0.22 (Official Release)

This is the production release for the 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 models. Along with 4K support, this version includes a number of improvements for HTML pages and expanded support for BrightScript JavaScript objects.

Firmware 5.0.27 (Beta Release)

This is the beta release for the 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 models. Along with the changes mentioned above, this version also includes the following bug fixes:

  • If an HTML <video> element fails to play a specified multicast stream, it will now generate a "error" event that can then be handled by the JavaScript of the page.
  • Playing an HLS stream no longer causes a memory leak.
  • Opening a serial port via an roSerialPort instance will no longer cause serial console output, which is used for debugging scripts, to cascade to the right.

BrightSign Network

The BrightSign Network already supports creating and distributing presentations for 4K models. It also supports uploading 4K video (H.265 files) via BrightAuthor or the WebUI.


The User Manual for BrightAuthor 4.0 is now available on the Documentation page. The Hardware Manual for the 4K series can also be downloaded there.

BrightSign Support Manager Sep 26 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

Some users have asked about the vulnerability of our players to the "Shellshock" bug, which is a security vulnerability associated with the Bash application for Linux (and Linux-based devices).

BrightSign players use a Linux-based platform, but this platform does not implement Bash in any form. BrightSign players, therefore, have none of the security vulnerabilities associated with this bug.

Update: To resolve any possibility of security vulnerabilities, we have patched the Bash version used on BrightSign Network servers that are Linux based.

BrightSign Support Manager Sep 16 Forums / BrightSign Support Announcements

We’ve posted a new Beta version of BrightAuthor on the Software Downloads page. This version includes an important fix for BrightSign Network users: Players that are running a scheduled presentation no longer get trapped in an endless reboot loop if prompted to carry out recovery.

There are also fixes for Video List states and presentations that use multiple Live Video states. For more information, see the release notes located next to the Download Now button (they are also included in the .zip file).