New Firmware and BrightAuthor Versions Available

New versions of firmware and BrightAuthor are now available on the Software Downloads page.

Firmware Version (production)

This firmware version contains a patch to fix KRACK vulnerabilities with the WPA/WPA2 wireless protocol. It  is available for the following model families: XTx43, 4Kx42, XDx33, XDx32, HDx23, HDx22, HO523, LS432, and LSx22. A firmware patch for HS123 is coming soon.

Firmware Version 7.0.19 (beta)

You can use this version of firmware to test new 7.0 features, including the new audio routing features in BrightAuthor 4.7, new JavaScript APIs, and improved HTML graphics performance. See the 7.0.19 release notes for a full list of new features and known issues (API documentation for new features is available upon request).

This firmware version is available for the following model families: XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, HO523, LS423.

BrightAuthor Version (beta)

Minimum Player Firmware Required: 6.2.39 (XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, LS423) / 5.1.33 (4Kx42, XDx32, XDx30, HDx22, HDx20, LSx22)

This version of BrightAuthor includes new features, such as dynamic audio routing and full-resolution graphics for some 4K video modes, as well as bug fixes and improvements. See the release notes for a full list of changes.

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    MidwichAU Support

    Updating the Ticker using User Variables!!! FANTASTIC!!


    Liz Cooke

    Edited by MidwichAU Support
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    Mike Simon

    How do we get the documentation for the Javascript API version 7.0.33?  I can't find it anywhere.  

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