New Beta Versions of Firmware and Software Available

There are new beta versions of BrightSign firmware and BrightAuthor software available on the Software Downloads page.

Please note that it is not always necessary to update to the newest version of firmware and software, especially beta versions. Each version contains features, improvements, and bug fixes that may not be relevant to your digital signage installations. Use the release notes contained with each version, as well as the descriptions below, to determine whether you need to update your firmware and software. 

BrightAuthor Version

This version of BrightAuthor fixes the Twitter compatibility issue introduced with the update to Twitter API 1.1. To fix a Twitter feed in an existing presentation, you will need to open the feed item in BrightAuthor, navigate through the new authentication process, and republish the presentation.

Please note that BrightAuthor version is only compatible with players running firmware version 4.6.46. This means that BrightAuthor version cannot currently be used with the HD110, HD210, HD410, HD810, or HD1010. We are working on a firmware update for these players to make them compatible with BrightAuthor version as well.

This version of BrightAuthor includes several other fixes and improvements, including the ability to drag and drop media files directly from Windows Explorer and the ability to use the name of the current presentation as a system User Variable.

Currently, there is one known issue, which results from the new ability to set unique file folders for the Media Library of each zone: This may cause instability with presentations exported from one instance of BrightAuthor to another. 

Firmware Version 4.6.46

This firmware update is intended for the following BrightSign models:

  • XD230
  • XD1030
  • XD1230
  • HD120
  • HD220
  • HD1020

Please note that the update files for XD and HD players are different. Make sure to use the download link that corresponds to your player model.

This firmware release is the companion Twitter fix version for the BrightAuthor beta described above. You must install this firmware on the player before publishing a presentation created in BrightAuthor


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