Bug Report: Background Image Zones

There is currently a bug with Background Image zones: After an indeterminate amount of time (usually somewhere between three and ten days) a portion of the image contained in the Background Image zone will begin to flicker. This bug only seems to occur when certain HTML5 widgets are displayed in the same presentation as the Background Image zone. Rebooting the player will temporarily fix this problem (for the same three to ten day period).

We are currently developing a fix for this issue. You will be able to find the new software version on the Software Downloads page once it is released. The release and fix will be announced here on the Support Homepage as well.

The Background Image zone allows you to overlay images (PNG or BMP) and zones (Clock zone or Ticker zone) that contain transparent elements: This is the primary advantage of the Background Image zone. If you’re not using the Background Image zone for this reason, you may be able to develop a workaround using one of the following solutions:

  1. Place one Images zone on top of another Images zone. Currently, the image in the front Images zone will go black for a few milliseconds whenever the image in the behind Images zone changes. Depending on the presentation, this may or may not be a noticeable flaw. This behavior should also be fixed with the next software release.
  2. Place an Images zone on top of a Video or Images zone or a Video Only zone. If you need to display one image over another, you can convert the bottom images to a video slideshow and place them in the Video or Images or Video Only zone.
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