Bug Report: Corrupt JPEG Files Crashing XD Players

Currently, there is a bug in BrightSign system software that causes the player to crash if it attempts to display a corrupt JPEG file. This is not likely to happen the first several times the JPEG is displayed, but the player will eventually crash after a few dozen image displays.

This bug occurs only on XD players running firmware versions 4.6.66 and earlier. The issue has been fixed in the newest Beta release (version 4.7.96), so you can update compatible players if you are concerned about encountering this issue. An upcoming release of 4.6 firmware will also provide a fix for this issue.

It is often difficult to detect if a JPEG file is corrupt. This is especially true if you’re displaying remote HTML content containing JPEG images. If you cannot update your player(s) to version 4.7.96, we recommend testing any new JPEG files thoroughly before using them in a presentation. You can do this by creating a simple looping presentation containing your JPEG file(s), setting the refresh/transition interval to 1 second, and running the presentation for a few minutes. If the player crashes, you will know one or more JPEG file is corrupt.

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