New Firmware and Software Versions Available

There are new versions of BrightSign firmware and BrightAuthor software available on the Software Downloads page. The firmware download section is located below the BrightAuthor download section; scroll further down the page to find everything you need.

The following is a short summary of each update. For a more comprehensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please view the release notes, which are located on the Software Downloads page and contained in each .zip download file.

We've updated the BrightAuthor User Guide 3.7 to reflect important changes and additions to the BrightAuthor software.

Important: We don't recommend updating firmware or software unless your setup necessitates a new feature or bug fix. Please see the Evaluating Firmware Releases tech note for more details.

BrightAuthor Version (Beta)

Minimum Required Firmware: 4.6.46 (HD120, HD220, HD1020, XD230, XD1030, XD1230) / 3.10.35 (HD110, HD210, HD1010)

This version of BrightAuthor includes the ability to set up new players for the BrightSign Network with locally published content. This feature allows players to display a presentation after setup even if they cannot initially connect to your BrightSign Network account (because of local network or proxy issues). This release also includes greater integration with custom script plugins, including the ability to send and receive plugin messages from events in an Interactive Playlist.

This version has numerous improvements, including a fix for the media RSS caching bug. The presentation import crashes seen in the Beta have also been fixed.

BrightAuthor Version (Beta)

Minimum Required Firmware: 4.4.44 (HD120, HD220, HD1020, XD230, XD1030, XD1230) / 3.10.21 (HD110, HD210, HD1010)

This is the new localized version of BrightAuthor, with up-to-date translations for Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Firmware Version 4.6.66 (Beta)

This firmware update is intended for the following BrightSign models:

  • XD230
  • XD1030
  • XD1230
  • HD120
  • HD220
  • HD1020

Note that the update files for XD and HD players are different. Make sure to use the download link that corresponds to your player model.

Both XD and HD updates feature expanded touch screen support (see the release notes for specific models), as well as compatibility with many more proxy authentication methods.

Firmware Version 3.10.57 (Production)

This firmware update is intended for the following BrightSign models:

  • HD110
  • HD210
  • HD210w
  • HD410
  • HD810
  • HD1010
  • HD1010W

This production version of firmware includes several stability improvements.

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