BrightSign XD Release

We here at BrightSign are happy to announce the launch of the XD series of digital signage players. These players give you PC-level performance, along with the reliability and ease-of-use that are the hallmark of our products. Some of the new features include the ability to decode and play two HD-quality (1080p or 720p) video streams and the ability to publish HTML5 content. See the datasheet on our product page for full details.


To complement the XD release, we are posting a complete set of new software, firmware, and documentation. Read the descriptions and follow the links below to get the most out of your BrightSign players.


Note that many of the following updates apply to HD players as well, and that we will continue to support the HD series of players fully. All new features, bug fixes, and documentation for both the XD and HD lines will be announced here on the Support Homepage, so you can check this page regularly to stay up-to-date with everything that we offer. 


BrightAuthor Software


Use this version of BrightAuthor to publish content for your XD player. If you have an HD player, you can still take advantage of the interface improvements and new Time/Clock events in this update. Here are some of the new features available in this version of BrightAuthor:

  • HTML5 states
  • Time/Clock Events
  • Expanded Live Text, with multiple feeds and z-ordering
  • Streamlined Commands window


BrightSign Firmware

Version 4.4.34 (for XD230, XD1030, XD1230 only)

This is the first firmware release for the XD series. Make sure to update to this version of firmware before using your XD player.


Version 4.4.34 (for HD120, HD220, HD1020 only)

This is the Beta release for the HD120, HD220, and HD1020. Here are some of the fixes and improvements in this version:

  • Half-hour and quarter-hour time zones are now supported.
  • NTFS formatted cards are now supported.
  • The player no longer crashes after an RTSP 404 error.


Version 3.10.22 (for HD110, HD210, HD210w, HD410, HD810, HD1010, HD1010W only)

This version of firmware will allow you to publish to your player using the new 3.5 version of BrightAuthor described above.


Documentation and Instructions

BrightAuthor User Guide 3.5

This user guide includes explanations of how to use the new BrightAuthor 3.5 features, including those specific to the XD series: HTML5 publishing, RF In states, dual video zones, etc. This version also reflects recent changes made to the user interface, layout, and options of BrightAuthor.


Object Reference Manual (firmware versions 4.4, 4.2, 3.10)

This is a major revision of the Object Reference Manual, containing expanded descriptions of many BrightScript objects and methods. Several new BrightScript objects, including roHtmlWidget and roAudioPlayer, have been added to this version.


HTML5 User Guide

This guide contains best practices, instructions, and tips for creating HTML5 content for BrightSign presentations. This document is essential for anyone planning to publish using HTML5.


ZeeVee Box Configuration Tech Note

If you are planning to play live HD video using the XD1230 and a ZeeVee box, see this brief set of instructions explaining how to configure your player in BrightAuthor. 



Zone Converter Tool

If you use authoring software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create digital signage content, you can use this tool to easily convert a digital canvas to BrightAuthor zones. See the Zone Converter Tool tech note for more information.


BrightSign Network Updates

Several new features are now available for the BrightSign Network:

Library: We've added a new Library tab to the WebUI to provide a new level of control and visibility for your networked content.

  • Organize your content into folders.
  • Assign permissions at the folder and media item level.
  • Share media items and folders.

Current Usage: We've also expanded the Current Usage page to include all subscriptions.

  • View all available, activated, and queued subscriptions on your account.
  • Manage the assignment of subscriptions to specific devices.
  • Use Device Logs to export subscription information.

If you would like to try a 30-day free trial of BrightSign Network, please contact

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    Marcelina Keeling

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with MediaCentral | Cloud UX (version 2020.4.x). Based on the information you provided, it seems that sites running with 3rd Party Integration may encounter connection failures to the gateway after a reboot1. The error message you mentioned, “angry gran ERROR - unable to connect to the gateway at ‘wss://clouduxserver:9900/ws’: RemoteCertificateChainErrors,” is indicative of this issue.

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