Notes Regarding the RF In Tuner on the XD1230

Since the XD line of players launched last month, we’ve fielded many questions regarding the RF In tuner on the XD1230—specifically, many have wanted to know what inputs the tuner is compatible with and how one can find the channel settings in order to tune the player in BrightAuthor.

If you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing the XD1230 for its ATSC capabilities, this post will clear up some of the questions you might have. Feel free to contact if you have any other questions.


What is it compatible with?

We originally intended the XD1230 players to be used primarily with ZvBox, which is a coax-based, HD video distribution system, but you can also use the RF In connector to decode and display any other ATSC signal, including digital cable and over-the-air channels in some countries.

It is not possible to use the ATSC tuner with older analog formats such as NTSC, or with any other digital formats. This rules out most if not all satellite signals. However, the XD1230 can receive input from a satellite receiver box if it generates output over HDMI or ATSC coax.


How can I find channel settings for the tuner?

In order to tune to a channel on your XD1230, you’ll need to know the frequency, encoding, video PID, and  audio PID.

  • If you’re connecting your XD1230 to a ZvBox, you can find all the settings you need in this BrightSign Tech Note.
  • If you’re connecting your XD1230 to an ATSC signal from a digital-cable or over-the-air provider, first contact the service provider to see if they publish tuning information. If this fails, you can follow the steps in this FAQ entry to find all the settings you need on your own.
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