New Firmware Available

BrightSign firmware version 4.7.112 is available on the Software Downloads page. The firmware download section is located below the BrightAuthor download section.

This firmware is compatible with the following models: HD120, HD220, HD1020, XD230, XD1030, and XD1230. Note that the update files for XD and HD players are different. Make sure to use the download link that corresponds to your player model.

This release includes a fix for the BrightSign Network log upload problem that occurs with SSL connections. The loading performance of many HTTP video streams has also been improved. For XD players, HTML pages with embedded audio and load cache manifest files now work correctly.

If you’d like a detailed description of all new fixes and improvements, you can view the release notes for each version next to the download link on the Software Downloads page. 

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    David Shive

    Those are compressed or zipped files is there any way to get the updated program for the HD-1020 already unzipped on an Sd card?

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    BrightSign Support

    You can create the presentations in BrightAuthor software and publish them to SD card or USB flash drive for playback on the BrightSign unit. Please view our training videos:

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