New 4.7 Firmware Available

BrightSign firmware version 4.7.106 is available on the Software Downloads page. This is the replacement Beta firmware for 4.7.96, which was taken down last week. If you have firmware version 4.7.96 installed on one or more of your players, we recommend updating them to version 4.7.106.

This firmware is compatible with the following models: HD120, HD220, HD1020, XD230, XD1030, and XD1230. Note that the update files for XD and HD players are different. Make sure to use the download link that corresponds to your player model.

This version includes numerous improvements for HDMI and RF video input, as well as HTML5 <video> elements. The Ticker and Clock zone transparency issue that appeared in 4.7 on XD players has also been fixed. 

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