BrightSign Network 3.5

The BrightSign Network has been updated to version 3.5. This update includes several new features and improvements:

Device Setup

You can now configure players for the BrightSign Network using the new Device Setup page in the WebUI. Like the Device Setup process in BrightAuthor, you will need an SD or USB flash storage device to complete the setup process.

Live Media

The Create tab now includes the Live Media feature, which allows you to create media RSS (MRSS) feeds that can be distributed to players or other networked clients.


Most BrightSign Network operations can now be carried out using a standardized library of SOAP calls. Developers can use this API to build applications that have a different look and feel from, but provide a similar feature set to the BrightSign Network WebUI.


To learn more about the new Device Setup and Live Media features, please see the BrightSign Network WebUI User Guide 3.5. A reference manual for the BSN Web API will be available soon.

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