BrightSign Network 3.6 and Current Performance Issues

UpdatePerformance issues with the BrightSign Network have been resolved. The mirrored elements in the database have also been cleaned up.

The BrightSign Network was updated to version 3.6 at the end of last week. This update caused some unexpected performance issues with the BrightSign Network database, resulting in intermittent slowing of page load and file upload speeds over the past several days.We’re currently working on a permanent solution to this problem.

The slowdown also caused the profiles of some players to become duplicated in the database. We’re still working to scrub all of these “ghost” elements out of the database. Until then, you may see these duplicates of players in the Groups tab of the WebUI or in BrightAuthor: They will have the same name, but no schedule, properties, or status information. Please note that these duplicates are not indicative of data corruption in BSN and have no impact on scheduling, publishing, or playback. We apologize for any confusion these duplicates may cause.


BrightSign Network version 3.6 includes the following improvements and new features:

  • Page loading performance improvements for the WebUI (aside from the temporary issues mentioned above).
  • Expanded library of SOAP calls for the BSN Web API
  • Firmware compatibility checks: The WebUI now displays a notification if you schedule a presentation for a group containing one or more players that do not have the recommended minimum version of firmware to run the presentation. You will also receive this notification if you add a player to a group running a presentation that requires a newer recommended version of firmware than is currently installed on the player.

Note: The firmware compatibility check does not prevent you from using an older version of firmware with a newer presentation. It only warns you against doing so.

  • Paging for Dynamic Playlists and presentations in the WebUI: If there are a large number of Dynamic Playlists or presentations on your account, you can now scroll through them on a single page.
  • Revised permissions for subscriptions notifications: Only members of Administrators, General Managers, Network Managers, and specified custom roles can choose to receive “Subscription Expiring” and “Subscription Expired” notifications.
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