BrightSign Network 3.6 Hotfix

During the past week, we discovered a bug with the BrightSign Network that affects a certain subset of accounts. Your account may have been affected by this bug if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The account contains more than 40 presentations and/or Dynamic Playlists.
  2. The account has one or more users assigned to Roles that restrict viewing of presentations and/or Dynamic Playlists.
  3. The account uses Object Permissions to allow restricted Roles to view certain presentations and/or Dynamic Playlists.

With Object Permissions, the account Administrator can allow a certain user to view a presentation or Dynamic Playlist that may otherwise be invisible for that user's role. If the account Administrator allows viewership for a presentation or Dynamic Playlist more than 40 places down the list in the Edit or Create > Dynamic Playlists tabs, then that asset will remain invisible for the user.

As of today, a hotfix has been implemented on the BrightSign Network to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have caused.

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    Randal Murphey

    I am having this exact problem! I know this was 8 years ago but is there a solution?

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