Object Reference Manual 4.8

The BrightScript Object Reference Manual for firmware version 4.8 is now available on the Documentation page. This resource is intended for BrightScript developers, and includes descriptions of several new methods and objects (a complete list of additions is available at the end of the document):

  • roVideoPlayer.SetTransform(): This method allows videos at resolutions up to 1080p60 to be rotated and mirrored at several angles.
  • roTextWidget: Object creation parameters now allow you to create scrolling tickers.
  • roVideoPlayer.Seek(): This method enables seeking to a specified position in a video file (it is also available for audio files via roAudioPlayer).
  • roVideoPlayer.Fade(): This method allows videos to fade out as they end (the amount of fade time is customizable).
  • roVideoPlayer.SetKeyingValue(): This method enables chroma and luma key masking, allowing graphics and other videos to display through transparencies in the video window.
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